Sunday, April 15, 2012

Borough Condemns Home - I Think

I recently came across a post on a WordPress blog about a row home in Columbia.  Although the article is dated April 13, 2012, it seems to refer to an incident that occurred last summer . . . (?)  Due to the halting prose, it's somewhat hard to follow.  The post could be a reporter's inchoate reference notes for a news article.
For what it's worth, here's the link:
Columbia Borough Condemns Flea-Infested Houston Street Home.

What I Saw Over the Weekend

 Lone Wolf #1 & #2

 Saturday must be a long day
(3 a.m.?)

 Another sign of the times

 Tulips at Holy Trinity Cemetery


 In the words of a Hakowie Indian:
"It is balloon!"

Saturday morning yard work at River Park . . .

 Councilwoman Mary Wickenheiser politely
directed two guys to the proper area 
for putting in canoes.

Several trees were cut down at Little's Beverage 
on Sunday morning, either for a projected 
expansion - or else someone just doesn't like trees. 

Despite all the announcements in local newspapers 
and on TV, radio, and the internet, a borough resident 
still didn't get the word about the open burning ban 
(or chose to ignore it) and built a medium-sized bonfire 
in his backyard.  I do believe our local police handled it.
(Apologies for the shaky camera work.)

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