Sunday, April 8, 2012


 An odd juxtaposition of messages?

 These two chocolate-covered cake bunnies 
were hiding in my fridge since yesterday. 

But today, each was ritually beheaded and then 
eaten by me for my sins, which of late 
have been gluttony and sloth, among others.

More WGAL News 8 Sightings Around Town

On Thursday afternoon, Pete Muntean reported from in front of Hotel Locust, and then . . .

on Saturday . . .
 News 8 at Snyder's on 462
Right after I shot this, the News 8 cameraman 
got into position, and the guy partially 
obscured by the umbrella walked towards him 
with a handful of flowers, for an
obviously contrived video clip.
(Click on pic for larger view.)

and on Sunday . . . 

News 8's Julie Gargotta reported from 
Third and Poplar.

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