Friday, March 30, 2012

Another comment that warrants its own post

You, Cole Umber, should be ashamed of yourself. are, that's right, because "Cole Umber" is NOT your REAL name. You hide like a coward behind a fake name. I know WHO you are and WHERE you live.
By Anonymous on 3/30/12

To which I, Cole Umber, reply:

I find it ironic that someone accusing me of not using my real name signs his comment with "Anonymous."  Yes of course I'm using a nom de plume (Columbia/"Cole Umber" - get it?). That's no great secret, and just about everyone in town realizes that by now.  I have made my presence known in public - at meetings and other events.  The council knows who I am, as well as many people around town. 
And, no, I am not ashamed, not when it comes to criticizing perpetrators or pulling back the curtain to reveal the sometimes secretive and dirty politics in this town. As a citizen, I claim (and possess) that right, under the First Amendment. Too many officials have had their way for too long and have operated with impunity. Having a blog helps level the playing field, if only in a very small way. I'm here to keep tabs, and if I believe I have gone too far, I make amends. 
In regard to your statement about knowing who I am and where I live - I take that as a veiled threat. (Why else would you mention it, if not to try to elicit fear?) Mafiosi, Nazis, and other cheap thugs have used those same techniques for years.  Are you one of them?
Linked to my blog is a program that counts hits and records ISPs, which means that you, sir (or madam), have now gone "on record."  If any harm comes to me or my family or my property, I will submit the list of possible culprits to the police, and I will pursue whatever legal means necessary to resolve the problem. And that, my friend, is not a threat. It is a fact and a solemn vow.

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