Thursday, March 29, 2012

What really happened last Friday

At last Monday's Columbia Borough Council's "Committee of the Whole" meeting, Mayor Lutz and Councilperson Mary Wickenheiser expressed their support for Fourth Fridays and explained the circumstances surrounding the early shutdown of last Friday's event (due to the complaints of a disgruntled "someone," who will remain nameless for now).  He said the police had not been fully informed about the evening's events and were carrying out their duties in responding to a noise complaint.
Mayor Lutz stated that he had been out of town that night, and if he hadn't been, the event would not have been shut down.
Councilperson Wickenheiser also said the event should not have been shut down and that she herself had been enjoying the music.  She added that the drums reminded her of the time she and her husband visited Jamaica.
Mayor Lutz stated the event would not be shut down again  - to the applause of those present at the meeting.  Thanks go to the Mayor and Council for addressing this issue and clearing the air, and also for expressing their support for this successful event.
Based on the Mayor's explanation, the shutdown was due to an inadvertent communication problem rather than an intentional show of power and disdain.  Therefore, one black eye has been removed, and only two remain for the time being . . .

Another comment worthy of its own post . . .

The following comment appears under the March 26, 2012 post on this blog, but it warrants a post of its own.  Good ideas that would make a great event even better.

I was in attendance at the borough meeting Monday March 26, 2012. I also attended the recent Fourth Friday celebration. After listening to the problems that some encountered as they tried to maneuver the sidewalk area in the 400 block of Locust Street, an idea occurred to me...why not close that block during Fourth Friday? Something similar to what is done during craft and auto shows. This would only be four hours and one block. The hub is located in this block as well so most of the action would be centered there. Waive meter fees too!

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