Saturday, March 24, 2012

A comment

Right as I posted tonight, a comment came through in response to yesterday's post "And now for some GOOD news."  The comment is posted at the end of that article, but I'm also posting it here so it doesn't get "lost in the sauce."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on my way home form york, i drove thru town and it was a happening place !!! kudos...people out walking talking smiling and having a good time..this is what its all about!!
thanks for all the beautiful pics and updates. sure do appreciate it :)
oh and to Barry Ford - glad your out of the hospital. Take care of yourself and stay well :))
March 24, 2012 7:26 PM

Fourth Fridays Celebration

It's an understatement to say yesterday's Fourth Fridays was a success.  
In short, it was a smash!  The atmosphere was festive, the event was well attended, and the weather was - in a word - perfect.  Lots of art was on display, including Todd Smith's photos at the Hub, the amazing glass sculptures at SCCA, and Dale Weibley's tile works at Jonal Gallery.  (I only regret I didn't make it to Garth Gallery this time.)  Visitors and shop owners lined the streets (especially the 400 block of Locust), and the drum jam session in front of the old State Theater could be heard for blocks.  The air was full of positive energy and - dare I say - "good vibes."

Thanks go to Chris Davis for organizing the event, as well as all the artists (including musicians), shop owners, gallery owners, and visitors for making this a memorable evening.

The following pics capture only a fraction of the happenings . . .

 The ever-stoic Margo watched the festivities 
from her window at the Hub.

 A mammoth, tentacled glass sculpture
 was displayed at SCAA, as well as . . . 

And across the street . . . 
Let there be drums!

And . . . a strolling street troubadour

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