Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Help is Needed...

This is Chrisandra Davis, director for Fourth Fridays in Columbia.
Please consider a "like" for the below local artist's facebook page.  This artist is Todd Smith of Columbia and he lost his home & all belongings including his photography equipment and framed works in the flood "Lee" last September 2011. The only belongings he escaped with were some clothes & his cat "Bonzo."  He has been fighting a battle of a lifetime with FEMA, the government, local authorities and contractors to rebuild his home which he has not been able to return to for over 6 months & counting.  Things look very grim as his home stands gutted and unlivable.  I am accepting donations on his behalf, I am asking everyone I know on facebook and via email to donate just one dollar to Todd's cause.  Please feel free to mail a dollar to me, Chrisandra Davis, 590 Centerville Road Lancaster, Pa 17601 (USA). Please be sure to include your name & mailing address so your donation can be acknowledged by Todd.  If by chance you wish to donate more than a dollar, by all means know it will be personally acknowledged & greatly appreciated.  Thank you all for your time and consideration.  Todd is a very humble person & does not like to ask for help.  I think together we can make a huge difference in his struggle to regain his home and happiness. 
Chrisandra Davis - Director
Fourth Fridays in Columbia
~The Non Profit Organization for the Advancement of the Arts & Culture in Columbia, Pennsylvania
Main Office - "The Hub"
401 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512

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