Friday, February 17, 2012

What's Happening at the Market House?

I received the following e-mail last night from Jesse at

It's official, Columbia residents. What was a thriving Market House up to last week may be a thing of the past. The Columbia Historic Market House Trust officially fired Carmen Swinehart today in an act of cowardice. 
It all started a few days ago. You see, the Market House, which is Borough-owned, and managed by a group of misfits in my opinion, fired the only Market House manager that actually started to pull it out of the red, and it all started over an email incident. 

According to former Market House Manager Carmen Swinehart, the Market's email account was hacked into by a Market House committee member and another non member a few days ago. Due to the sensitive nature I cannot name names, nor will I at this point in time, but when learning about the hack, it was admitted to Dave Rupp by the person that hacked the account. Sensitive information was compromised, and when Carmen confronted Dave Rupp about the issue, her contract was terminated. Right before her termination Mr. Rupp offered Carmen two options, with two different letters. Option one was to resign, and option two was to be fired. Carmen asked why, and they would not give any comment. She took the firing, and then she left. Three members of the committee were not informed until after the firing. 

Going down to the Market House today you could see banners on trucks and cars asking to reinstate Mrs. Swinehart. The Market House committee also is rumored to have asked all non food vendors to leave. According to Mr. Rupp they fired Carmen for financial reasons thinking they could run it themselves and save money. I don't know about everyone else, but currently no one on the committee has the proper credentials to run the Market House in its current form, and the vendors are currently passing a petition around asking to reinstate Carmen. 2/3 of the vendors are threatening to pull their stands out now. 

Carmen has put her heart into the Market House only to have her head served on a platter for others' personal agendas. I was able to go down and film today, and what I saw and heard first hand was horrible.

I am calling on all concerned citizens to disband and terminate The Columbia Historic Market House Trust's contract with the Borough and reinstate Carmen Swinehart. What was done to her regarding the email account is a crime. What certain members did was also unethical. 

As Dave Rupp said, according to Lancaster Newspapers. "The goal is clear: Try and figure out how we can make more money. Last year, the market generated $44,865.15 in revenue but expended nearly $49,434.69."

Newsflash Dave... How can you make money if you can't pay a manager to run it?! No one's going to do it for free! Shame on you guys...., among other people, is calling for a formal investigation into the email hacking, since accessing government emails is illegal by non government citizens. More to come on this story as it progresses. It has also came to my attention that a certain someone is targeting vendors telling them that if they don't take down Facebook comments that they will never have a business in our town. Stay tuned for updates, and copies of these letters.

It was all planned out and cowardly carried out by a bunch of spineless jellyfish!

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