Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Saw Recently

 Drums - solo

 Squiggly lines

 All in the family

Welcome to Columbia - Route 462 version

 Welcome to Columbia - Route 441 version 
Time for painting?

Margo at Trin's Beans
Ready to go 

 Happy 75th


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Anonymous said...

While the photo of Margo is a great shot, the fact that she has been moved is really too bad. She looked so very elegant standing in the window at Fourth and Locust Streets. The blinds on the large glass windows were open almost all the time, making her nicely visible to passing, as well as stopped traffic. The elegance is simply not there at the new location. She was a staple for Fourth Fridays. The blinds are shut most of the time now at Fourth and Locust, making it just another building with nothing to boast about. I would like to see Margo invited back to that location.

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