Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I Saw Over the Weekend

 Lone Wolf #1 & #2

 Saturday must be a long day
(3 a.m.?)

 Another sign of the times

 Tulips at Holy Trinity Cemetery


 In the words of a Hakowie Indian:
"It is balloon!"

Saturday morning yard work at River Park . . .

 Councilwoman Mary Wickenheiser politely
directed two guys to the proper area 
for putting in canoes.

Several trees were cut down at Little's Beverage 
on Sunday morning, either for a projected 
expansion - or else someone just doesn't like trees. 

Despite all the announcements in local newspapers 
and on TV, radio, and the internet, a borough resident 
still didn't get the word about the open burning ban 
(or chose to ignore it) and built a medium-sized bonfire 
in his backyard.  I do believe our local police handled it.
(Apologies for the shaky camera work.)


W. Torbert said...

Was this to the rear of Blounston Cole?

Cole said...

The fire was on Avenue U.

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