Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speaking of Burning . . .

Open burning - apparently unattended - 
next to Laurel Hill Cemetery, on a 
moderately windy day (Good Friday).
The wooded area was filled with smoke 
above the sheets of dry leaves.

(Google Maps)
The blue rectangle shows the fire's location.


Anonymous said...

you can hear the wind...lucky for all there was not a fire. someone should have reported this to the police or 911 and they should have been made to water it down and put it out.....

Cole said...

The video shows the burn as it was winding down. Originally, it was a lot worse, but I didn't start filming until after I tried to find the entrance to the property. It's next to a house on Chickies Hill Road. There's a locked gate there with some signs, but I didn't stop to read them. When I got back to the cemetery, I started filming.
At that time, I wasn't totally sure of the open burning regulations in Columbia, or if the property was within borough limits. Turns out that Columbia does have a ban on open burning, and the property is in the borough.

The following wesbite explains the open burning ban:

It says, in part, the following:

"Open burning in Columbia Borough has been banned for many years. If you see someone burning, please report it immediately to local authorities."

Over the past year or so, I've noted several instances of open burning:

Now that I know for sure about the open burning ban, I'll call 911 the next time I see burning.

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