Sunday, March 25, 2012

More on Fourth Fridays

I recently received the following comment.  I'm printing it as a separate post, because it sheds light on the happenings at the recent Fourth Fridays event.

Cole, I attended this Fourth Friday myself and I too, thought this was the best ever Fourth Friday. Earlier in the day on Friday-my husband didn't know what Fourth Friday was all about until he was told by the organizer.  So, he gathered a few friends and went down on Locust and sat.  At first, it wasn't too exciting.  Until he saw all these younger people walking down both sides of the streets.  He said he began to hear drums playing, guitars playing and it became relaxing.  The young folks that participated were polite and he actually had a good time listening.  This new head shop brought life to the block and caused no trouble for no one.  The other side of the street was filled with hot coffees, pastries.  Art displays, jewelry, tattoo demonstrations, hot foods and more! I have heard no complaints on noise or otherwise.  Everyone had a great time.  Then...who should show up....the 3 mouseketeers, D. D. & K, whom all three who do not live on the block had to put an end to the one night of the month that was scheduled for everyone to be out.  Well Columbia, this too will lead to another black eye.  This is how we welcome new businesses? The mouseketeers went to police to complain and shut down the fun.  Gee, they already screwed up the market-tell them to stay there! My husband and I have lived in Columbia all our lives and we now retired.  I have never seen such a nice Friday as this one.  I hope that these new shops do not get discouraged.  I do think that the 3 mouseketeers did this on purpose because all the new shop owners are the ones that left market to start a new career path.  PS. We have a peeping spitter! One mouse spit on a store window? wow....
Joan and Carl.
March 24, 2012 10:15 PM


Anonymous said...

The police need to dedicate time to apprehending the graffiti vandals rather than shutting down fourth Friday celebrations. The graffiti lasts longer then fourth Friday and is another black eye. It's spreading like a plague.

Cole said...

Yes it is. I'm seeing it all over.

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