Saturday, March 24, 2012

A comment

Right as I posted tonight, a comment came through in response to yesterday's post "And now for some GOOD news."  The comment is posted at the end of that article, but I'm also posting it here so it doesn't get "lost in the sauce."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on my way home form york, i drove thru town and it was a happening place !!! kudos...people out walking talking smiling and having a good time..this is what its all about!!
thanks for all the beautiful pics and updates. sure do appreciate it :)
oh and to Barry Ford - glad your out of the hospital. Take care of yourself and stay well :))
March 24, 2012 7:26 PM


Anonymous said...

awesome! i'd have to agree there were a lot of people out on Locust St after work Friday... yay !!!!

Cole said...

Yes, the event really was well attended. I hope the next one is, too, and the festive atmosphere can be recreated.

Anonymous said...

i do believe that it can it !! Festive and ppl got a taste of what it can be :)

Cole said...

Let's do it again!

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