Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Saw - 2-9-12

A little after 3 p.m., I saw a bus stopped at 
13th and Manor.  It was leaking . . . something. 

 Just then, Mr. Fritz happened by 
and called it in to the Hambones.

 After the passengers had been moved onto 
another bus, this RRTA employee, who may 
have been the bus driver, started shoveling 
absorbent sweeping compound onto the spill.

 The Hambones soon arrived, inspected the 
scene, and began aiding in the cleanup.

 Not long after, an RRTA tow truck arrived 
and so did a fire policeman, who can be seen 
on the extreme right.

 Even though traffic had been flowing normally
and safely, he took it upon himself to begin directing.

 Or not.  

On his way back to his truck to get his gloves, 
he stopped to chat.
(What about the traffic?)

He got his gloves but needed 
something else from the truck.
(Um . . . dude . . . the traffic . . . ?)

 In a few minutes, he walked back, even 
as traffic flowed by normally and safely. . . 

until he almost directed a truck into a car, 
because no one was watching for traffic 
coming across 13th Street.

 Soon, the bus was ready for towing.

 And there it goes.

 So that's how it's done.

The End


Anonymous said...

Outstanding reporting.

Anonymous said...

How can 3 members have red lights & sirens? The law is only 2. What a bunch of clowns----

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