Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Saw - 2-5-12

 Still no step, still no chain
(100 block of Locust)

 Faded glory (100 block of Locust)

 Glowing cones

 Giant whatchamacallit at Burning Bridge
(Reminds me of what Hellboy threw down 
on the cyborg thingie in the first movie.)

 I goofed on this pic, but it shows a length 
of garden hose extending from an air conditioner 
along a roof with no spout at the edge.
(Across from the old Keystone Fire Company)

 Margo has turned away. 
Was it something I said?

 Double cross

 Whoever did this might even be a match 
for the great Tom Hermansader.

 Stolen(?) Weis Markets cart right across the 
alley from the police station.

 Oh well, it's a living.
(Or maybe just a hobby)

And the Locust Street renovations continue.

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