Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Saw - 1-25-12

 Train cars at Florence and Barber

 It's still there a month later.
(Dollar Store cart in creek at Mill Street)

 The pants, dude!  The pants!

 Time to change the board

Shupp's Barber Shop (and kids)

 Ticketmaster nails another one.

Sun dog over the bridge


Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice pics..missed you

Cole said...


Anonymous said...

dude-the pants....wouldn't it be awesome if ALL these people would be cited for indecent exposure.....i for one am sick and tired of looking at underwear. that's part of whats wrong with this world we live in today !!! maybe the boro could create an ordinance banning these pants

Cole said...

This fashion trend is not just slovenly; it's downright impractical. How do you walk with your pants falling down? This fad has been around far too long, and it's time for it to go away.

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