Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Thoughts - 1-24-12

This past Saturday, the managing editor of a student newspaper erroneously "tweeted" that Joe Paterno had died, although that was not the case at that time.  Incredibly, several news organizations - including,, and the Huffington Post picked up the story and, without verification, reported it as fact.  (Go HERE for the story.) said the mistake "was the result of a failure to verify the original report. holds itself to high journalistic standards, and in this circumstance tonight, we fell well short of those expectations."   

In my opinion, you can't say you hold yourself to high standards if you admit you fall "well short" of those standards, especially on a story of this magnitude.

And folks wonder how those internet rumors get started.

Actually, the whole Penn State debacle reminds me of parts of Frank Zappa's song "More Trouble Every Day":
All that phony stuff on sports 
And all the unconfirmed reports . . . 

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