Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Look Back - Part 1

Here are a few things I shot about a month ago but didn't get around to posting.  I have some other recent ones that I'll be posting over the next few days.

Something's burning - down by the tracks 
at Frank Sahd Salvage Center 
(December 2011).

Speaking of Sahd Salvage, here's a door on a train car 
sitting on the tracks near Florence and Barber Streets.  
(If I'm not mistaken, the tracks are owned by Sahd.)
It's impressive how complex these types of doors are
and how well-built the train cars are.

But apparently they're not built well enough 
to prevent them from being infiltrated by someone 
with a giant sardine can key.  
Seriously, though, I don't know why this car is like 
this or why it's permitted to sit facing Barber Street 
where a curious child might be tempted to investigate. 
I'm not an attorney, but I believe the condition and location
of this car might fit the description of a potential 
"attractive nuisance" as defined HERE.


Anonymous said...

Frank Sahd Salvage Center does not own or operate it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because Columbia's codes officer has different application of borough codes (,nuisances#7744136) for different folks.

Cole said...

Reply to first comment: I'm just going by what's posted on the sign near the train cars: "PRIVATE PROPERTY Frank Sahd Salvage Center, Inc."

Reply to second comment: The local ordinance is not as specific as the state law explained in the linked article on liability. The local ordinance also seems to allow the property owner some "wiggle room." That probably wouldn't matter in court, because state law would trump local law.
I agree that the local codes are applied differently for different people. I actually had a former mayor tell me the borough decides which ordinances it wants to enforce.

Anonymous said...

Sahd owns the property, the rail line is operated by another company.

Cole said...

Thanks for the clarification.

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