Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I Saw Sunday, October 9, 2011

 I took this shot in midtown Manhattan.
It's symbolic of our current economic situation.

 Meanwhile, back at the occupation, CNN 
had set up camp, also.

 Basic amenities were available at Zuccotti Park.

 Chris Hedges led a teach-in across the street.  
He elucidates his position in this video:

 In response to Fox News's biased reporting on the 
event, this guy made a sign.  He used it 
effectively when Geraldo Rivera came on to the 
scene, as illustrated below.

 Many news organizations were on the scene.

 As well as a diversity of messages.

 This turned out not to be Lady Gaga incognito,
but rather the partner of a British freelance photographer 
I spoke to for a while.

 Much solidarity was in evidence.

 Geraldo and his brother Craig appeared on the 
scene as part of a Fox News contingent.

 Although he posed with a few protestors, overall 
Geraldo was not greeted warmly by the crowd,
which chanted, "Fox lies!  Fox lies!" among 
other things.

 The guy pictured earlier held his sign a few inches 
behind Geraldo during a run-through.

 Geraldo eventually became annoyed and told 
the guy not to hold the sign so close.  
A few minutes later, the police moved all protestors 
to the other side of the street. 

 The police made sure no one could reach Geraldo.

 Geraldo conducted interviews for his Fox show
Geraldo at Large before being shouted out of the 
area by protestors.

 As usual, the police kept an eye on things.

 So did this guy, who was caught in the act.

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