Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up


New plantings at River Park.
Compare with HERE.

 Collapsed sidewalk is still collapsed.

 Getting to be that time.

 This was the site of the State Store in another time.
(400 block of Locust) 

 Town clock

 More racist stuff at Burning Bridge Antiques

 But they did have this cool Mustang.

 No matter your religion, this is just 
freakin' ghastly!
(200 block of Walnut)

 Stink bug traps in the making

One of the town's major problems 

 This is such an easy shot, but I couldn't resist. 
It's almost impossible to take a bad shot of this bridge.

 There's that confounded balloon again.


 Canada goose flying high

These puddles have been around for weeks 
and probably make ideal mosquito breeding ponds.

 River rescue training.
Gotta get me one of them funky 
hats with the camera on top.


These guys had trouble getting their
boat motor started.

At Glatfelter's . . .

 Lots of trash
I guess someone eventually cleans it up,
but why can't spectators simply place it 
in one of the more than 50 trash barrels 
(and one dumpster)?

No alcohol
Weren't they beer cans I saw in one 
of the pics above?

Living History in Mount Bethel Cemetery
Honoring Veterans

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