Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up - July 10, 2011

Some pics from this week. . .
(Click on 'em.)

Old fixtures from the former M&T building at 4th & Locust
(in the handicapped parking space, no less)  

Even more dungin' out at M&T 

Canoes at Chiques Rock Outfitters

More canoes . . . 
Rent one, and support a local business. 

A week later, and . . . 
yup, it's still there. 
(A tangle of wire at 2nd Street and Avenue I) 

A new business at the former United Telephone building 

Sun tea slow brewin' on the front porch 
(400 block of Locust)

In the words of John Hartford:
"Where else but a muddy old river 
would a person want to be?"  

Does it include the box? 

Or the nails?  
(Bridge Street)  

Gang graffiti?
(Bridge Street)
(Makes you long for the days of "Frodo lives!") 

(Bridge Street)

Nothing like taking Rover along on the jet ski, 
as long as he's wearing his life jacket, of course. 

Another victim of the mesh? 

An armada of geese 

A lone duck

High up on the side of the house at 
Locust and the highway

Far be it from me to knock anyone's religion, but . . . 

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