Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

A heron keeping watch

Trash along the shore at River Park

 A damsel, apparently not in distress

 This pile of trash (also at River Park)
included powdered foods, cough drops, antacid tablets,
empty drug vials, disposable razors, and reading glasses.
There were also large drops of coagulated blood nearby,
as well as godonlyknows 
what other kinds of bodily fluids.
The Columbia Borough Police 
cleaned up the mess. 

 Further down the river on one of the small islands across 
from the Blue Rock Road boat launch area stood this 
duck blind, which helps hunters blow away unsuspecting 
water fowl. 

 But strangely enough, this sign was attached to it, 
which stressed the area's importance to bird conservation.  

 This notification of the duck blind was posted 
a few hundred feet from shore - 
no lights, no reflectors.  
I don't know how boaters traveling at night 
avoid hitting it.  

Almost sunset

Yeah, right.

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