Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Saw - June 30, 2011

 Non convertible convertible at Scott's Automotive 

 Sidewalk work at 6th and Locust 

 Time to empty the trash on 200 block of Locust 

 Colton on duty at B&T Sportswear, Locust Street 

 Ventilation on the 200 block of Avenue I 

 A mess of wires at 2nd and Avenue I 
(I think they've been lying there for several weeks.) 

 This pipe is still just hanging there. 
(100 block of Avenue I) 
It's been that way for at least several months. 
It's supported only at the top and can easily be moved 
back and forth.   

 Fountain at 5th and Locust 

Time to get out the Round-Up 
(Manor Street School Apartments) 

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