Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hazard Along the Shore

 Last Thursday, I found this dead snake along shore 
at River Park.  I'm guessing it had died a day or two earlier.  

 It had gotten caught in the plastic mesh that runs
for a good part of the shore line.  

 Although it got about half of his body through, 

it got stuck and was unable to undulate any further 
and died.  (Yes, it's just a snake, but it's part of the 
ecosystem, too.) 

 Apparently, the mesh was originally placed along the shore 
to aid in growing grass and maybe to slow erosion,
but it's now become a nuisance.  

Although grass is growing in many areas of the park, 
almost no grass is growing under the mesh itself - only weeds, if anything.  

A lot of the mesh is now lying in bunches along shore 
and even in the water, creating a tripping hazard for people 
and a danger to wildlife.  It might be time to re-examine 
the need for it. 

A Belated May Wrap-up

As in past years, tiger swallowtails once again 
gathered on the shore of the River Park in some 
sort of ritual that's probably related to mating.  
I guess you'd have to be a butterfly to 
understand any of this.

The Susquehanna was actually at normal levels a few times.  

So, does this mean "stop" or not? 

An old cash register on the sidewalk outside 
"Perfect Settings" on Locust Street.  

Emergency personnel trained offshore. 

Last weekend, this wheelchair sat by the boat ramp 
for several days.  

What I Saw - June 4, 2011

 On Saturday morning, this guy hauled his dock 
(bearing no flags, rags, or signs) along Front Street.  
It was definitely a wide load, with the dock extending well 
into the opposing lane of traffic.  

 Even though he had held up traffic behind him 
as he crept along, he still had to time to stop and 
converse for a short while when he was crossing 
the railroad tracks.  

 He drove through River Park . . . 

 . . . and released the dock at the ramp, with 
no tethers and with no one attending to it . . . 

. . . until his buddies gave chase and caught it.  

Crash at Route 30 Exit Ramp

A collision involving two cars and a motorcycle occurred yesterday at the Route 30 exit ramp at Columbia.

More info here:

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