Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend (and Wednesday) Wrap-up

Wednesday, March 27

 Woman trying to keep the park from going 
to the dogs

 Norfolk Southern stirring up the dust

Couple o' guys messing around with the bridge 

Friday, March 29


 Arbor Day Celebration at Columbia River Park 
on Friday:

 Bill Kloidt makes a point as Mark Zeamer applauds 

 Arbor Day poster coloring contest winners 

 Mayor Lutz speaks as Mark looks on

 Still messin' with the bridge

 A Columbia tradition: double parking
This was at 2nd & Walnut.  
The woman who was driving 
this van went to a house on 2nd Street,
 which had several open spaces in front. 

More flooding . . . 

 That's the problem with some imports. 
You run 'em through the car wash one 
time, and this is what happens.  

It's appropriate that the sign about the Water 
Trail is standing in water. 

Saturday, March 30

 All dressed up
The guy in back seems to be enjoying the view. 

 Drying 'em the old-fashioned way. 

Norfolk Southern's mailbox 

Sunday, May1

 Awaiting the unveiling

 This is the broken River Park light that Barry Ford 
mentioned on his site the other day. 
I took this shot at 10:52 a.m. today. 
When I returned to the park in the afternoon, 
I saw three teenage boys throwing stones 
at this same light, hitting and breaking the glass 
several times.  As I approached them, they ran with their bicycles, carried them across the railroad tracks, and rode towards Gordon Waste.  That was at about 1:54 p.m.  I have a feeling this light 
(which is under the Veterans' Memorial Bridge) 
will continue to be a target, along with the other two nearby.

 Forgotten extension cord from Friday's 
Arbor Day celebration.

And the message is . . . 

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