Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Wrap-up - Part 4: Miscellaneous


 Yeah, you might be laughing now, 
but just wait until gas goes to $6 a gallon. 
This guy's going to look like a genius. 

 I hope there's more holding it on than 
just that caution tape. 

 The little drummer boy's last gig. 

 Happy hour - 
Please don't drink and drive. 

 King of the tarp 

 OK, I'll say it:
He's lying down on the job. 

 Nice try, but it still doesn't look like 
a stone foundation.  




 What first I thought was a fire at 
the Water Company . . . 

 . . . turned out to be more open burning 
along the shore. 

 Three modes of transport at the same 
red light 

Troubadour pickin' 'n' grinnin' for his gal 

What I Saw - Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think this is the pit bull that 
lunged at me here.  

 Hole in the window at North Bank Street. 

 Casualty on Bank Street 

 Warning from the National Weather Service 

 Keeping watch

 One of the witch hazel trees planted 
at yesterday's Arbor Day Celebration. 

 Washed-up log 

 Canoeist and canoe coming ashore 

 234 and a half 

 Garth might want to check this out. 



 Sprucing up 

 One-eyed baby Jesus says hi. 

 50-ft MEGA-JESUS says HEY!

 Shed owned by Holy Trinity.  It was 
damaged by fire on March 26 of this year. 

 All that's enclosing it is the tarp 
(and maybe the power of prayer). 
Since the contents are visible and accessible 
from the alley, a lawyer might call this an 
"attractive nuisance." 

 Happy or blue - 
It's up to you. 

 Mount Bethel Cemetery fence on Cherry Street. 
The squirrels must have gotten into the steroids again. 

Lloyd Mifflin, Columbia's best-known poet. 

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