Sunday, April 10, 2011

Columbia Bowl Fire - Aftermath

By late morning, fire crews pretty much had things wrapped up. 

 Water was still being applied to calm any remaining hot spots. 

 Sadly, this is all that remains of a long-standing Columbia landmark. 
It was a mecca for folks from miles around looking to pass the time 
with some good, clean fun. 
I hope the owners plan to rebuild. 
In the meantime, the Columbia Bowling Alley will be 
sorely missed by many. 

 PPL double-checked the power lines. 

 These guys took a well-deserved and much-needed break. 

 Much debris remains to be cleared. 

 Rheems puts away their portable water reservoir. 
(I don't know what it's actually called.) 

 Speaking of water . . . 

 The clean-up begins. 

 Job well done. 

 Poor, sleepy-eyed News 21 cameraman finally showed at 
about 10:45 a.m. 
We Columbians were here right after 5 this morning. 
We rise before the sun. 
We are a hardy breed. 

 Bowling balls melted and burned.  I overheard a fireman 
say they had to pry open lockers to get the bowling balls out, 
because they were catching fire. 

 Broken, cracked, and melted glass. 

 It was a long, tiring morning for some. 
Our fire crews work hard. 

 The former entrance. 

 Amazingly, the bungee cords holding the Budweiser sign 
didn't burn or break. 

 A camera operator getting some shots. 
I think she was from a local Fox affiliate. 
(No, really!) 

On a lighter note . . . 
Gotta get me one o' them day-glo suits!
(We have to find a little levity in this tragedy.)

Columbia Bowl Fire - April 10, 2011 - Some Clips

See pics below on previous post.

Columbia Bowl Fire - April 10, 2011

The call was received shortly after five o'clock this morning. 
As was the case 40 years ago, the Columbia 
Bowling Alley was on fire.  This time, it looks like 
it might be a total loss. 

(As always, click on the pics.)

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