Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I Saw (April 5, 2011)

 News 8's Meredith Jorgensen at Columbia River Park 
packed up her camera tripod after the winds became 
too severe to finish her report about the murder of the homeless man. 

 At five o'clock, she had given a brief preview of her report 
from the park steps under the Veterans' Memorial Bridge.

 While Meredith waited in the passenger side of the van, 
this guy insinuated himself into the scene by racing his 
remote-controlled car around the area. 

 Finally, the tech guy began lowering the antenna. 

 Meredith took one last look as her van exited the park. 

Well, at least someone cleaned that freakin' downspout.

What I Saw (April 4, 2011)

 And speaking of cameras and such . . . 
(I Avenue & South Market Street) 

 Hotel Columbia - I mean Hotel Locust - I mean . . . 

Columbia No. 1 visiting the Hambones. 

 Crowd at Third and Locust watching as some of the emergency 
personnel leave an accident scene to address the murder 
at Chickies.   The accident here involved 
a girl who had been hit by a car. 

 Pointing the way to the murder scene. 
(North Front & Bridge Streets) 

Trains were supposed to have been halted so personnel could 
investigate the murder scene, but this one got through before 
the call was made. 

Homicide Victim and Alleged Murderer Identified

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