Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Saw (April 3, 2011)

Click on the pics. 

 Hambones responds.

 River Park 
There are lots of fish in the river, 
but some folks still bring their own.

 This is how it's done.

 Watching the watcher 
(3rd & Locust)

 Very cool, as in COLD. 
When I took this pic, the temp was 44, 
with a wind chill of 38. 

(200 block of Locust)

 Them's good rules.

(200 block of Locust)

(3rd & Locust)

 Hotel Locust

(400 block of Locust)


 Impromptu car show at River Park 
I think they're all Mustangs. 

 A walk on the tracks 
I used to do it, too. 

 Laundry day 
Yeah, I hate it, too.

I know how you feel. 
Blogging can be hard work, 
and I'm done for the day. 

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