Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Saw (March 9, 2011)


What I Saw (March 8, 2011)

There she is again.


The river was almost high enough to park this boat on the grass.

No really - it was high.  Almost to the top of the boat ramp.

Intrepid photographer

Gone fishin'

It's those guys from the church steps.  
I've seen them going up the tracks lately 
around this time - mid- to late afternoon. 
They go past the old bridge, past the creek, 
and into the woods/weeds.


Heavy Metal in Columbia: Alera

Rescue 841 on the Way

Video of Rescue 841 (Columbia, PA) on their way to a structure fire in West Donegal

smilie179 Wants You to Rank His Tats

Columbia man wants you to rank his tattoos. Go here:

Bully Bully!

Here's a review of Bully's by a guy who really likes his beer:

They're Heeeerrre! Bedbugs in Columbia

Columbia recently made its way onto a bedbug registry.  Here's the link:

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