Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spelling Test

This one's from earlier in the week,
but I had to post it.
The D became a B,
and the E ran away.

What I Saw (February 27, 2011)

Unseasonably warm today.  It was nice to get out and about . . . 

Winged railing ornament on Walnut Street

Used couch on display

Like the sign says . . .

 Hotel Locust

Truck full of wheels

Here's the property that the Columbia Water Company
wants to take by eminent domain.


February Wrap-up

A few items from this month, which didn't appear previously . . .

Apparently, a point of interest for these kids.
This was on one of those warmer days in February.
Stars and "Strips" forever.
This disgraceful rag flew for quite some time at a residence on South 11th Street.
It disappeared the day after I took this pic.

Where'd it go?  The camera, I mean.
It disappeared recently.
It really was here.
The crumbling abomination at 831 Lancaster Avenue
has finally been removed.
Click here for info on this from a previous post.
People were still doing this long after
they needed to.
They look like pretty good chairs, too.
Church on 3rd and Cherry.
A wintertime tradition.
More barrels from the bomb shelter
in the basement of the M & T Bank.
Back in the Cold War days, our government
told us we could survive a nuclear attack, if we would just "duck and cover"
or make it to one of the bomb shelters in the
basements of many
public buildings, where food, water, and medical supplies were stockpiled.
One of these shelters also runs under Columbia High School, along its length.

Yes, there was once such a place.


Graffiti is spreading everywhere around town, even on private residences . . .

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