Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Saw - Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, flash floods

My cameras almost drowned.

 Tracks between Shawnee Creek and Barber Street

Flooding along 462 near Columbia Plaza . . .

Across the great divide   

 Near Florence and Barber

 Damn the barricades, full speed ahead!

Detoured traffic on Manor Street

  Pumping out a flooded basement

 Just in case the storm drains overflowed

 I am so done with summer and its wicked ways, 
and these colors gave me hope for fall.

 I would say so.

 Almost 233 at 4:15 p.m.

 Tell it to the ducks.

River rescue call

  I am not even going to make any jokes 
about the water company and how much 
water leaked in.

 Emergency vehicles up on Walnut Street

 While the river rescue units were waiting 
for verification, this guy suddenly took it upon himself 
to kick everyone out of the park, 
even onlookers as far away from the boat ramp 
as it's possible to get and still be in the park.  
I've been at many emergency scenes - fires, accidents, 
river rescue, and never before have I seen a guy 
throwing around his authority with such brazenness.  
It was all so unnecessary, especially since 
no one was impeding the work of rescue personnel.

 I left the park and shot from the bridge.

 In the end, no one was rescued.

 Flooding caused this sidewalk to collapse
across from the Columbia Plaza.

 A slab raised up at the opposite end, 
creating a tripping hazard, 
so, being safety conscious, I placed one 
of the orange cones there after I took this shot - 
and thus completed my civic duty for the day.

Some vids . . .


Anonymous said...

Your encounter reminds me of an encounter I had with a fire cop two years ago at the carnival at the fire company. I was walking along 10th St, with my grandson, on the grass in front of the houses when the fire cop screamed at me for walking on the grass. I told him that the borough plan shows there should be sidewalks in front of these houses and if they don't want people walking on their grass, install a sidwalk. That shut him up.

Cole said...

That was a good reply to him. Thanks for sharing this.

Brian Long said...

Great capture of yesterday's heavy rains, Cole ... though I will miss summer. Winter's got its own set of tribulation ... including heating costs; shoveling snow; wearing way too many layers of clothing, etc.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that at least the fire police have a bit of authority, maybe not good judgement or common sense. I was recently reprimanded by a woman at the river park...for carrying my small dog without a leash. Yes I did say "carrying". Who died and left this woman in charge of Columbia? I am a tax paying resident and a responsible pet owner. I resent being spoken to in a demeaning fashion. My dog is a rescued animal and due to his history cannot wear a collar and leash. It's people like her that will drive what few decent citizens we have left here out of the borough. Some people just can't mind their own business.

Cole said...

Thanks Brian. You're right about winter. I'm just tired of sweating this summer. I don't like the temperature extremes of either season. I'm looking forward to fall, my favorite.

Cole said...

Due to a goof on my part, I unintentionally deleted a comment. Fortunately, through the miracle of modern technology, I was able to resurrect it here:

great pictures ! thank you. unfortunately, it isn't over yet, more rain and the river is not to crest til maybe late friday, but the last i heard was early saturday.......
By Anonymous on What I Saw - Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 7:37 AM

To which I reply:
Thanks and you're welcome. I heard the river could crest Saturday morning. The way things are going, the water could reach the level set by Hurricane Agnes in 1972 - or even surpass it.

Cole said...

Jeez, my replies aren't lining up with the comments. My apologies to all who took the time to comment. Brian, I replied to your comment at 8:20 p.m. (above).

This reply is to the comment about the fire police, and the woman at River Park:
So, how much authority do the fire police have? The one I encountered yesterday wielded his like a billy club. (Good lord, I hope they're not permitted to carry weapons.) I didn't challenge him, because I never interfere at an "emergency scene," but I do reserve the right to defend myself verbally against rudeness. No public servant - even one in a pissy mood - has the right to treat law-abiding, taxpaying citizens with disrespect.
Also, I wonder about the identity of the self-appointed enforcer of River Park regulations. A lone nut? A councilwoman? I've met some colorful characters down there, so who knows?

Anonymous said...

Well when you have a person that plead guilty to insurance fraud at the helm, and most of the sloppy dress persons unemployed, a little authority goes to their head. I ask where is the $7000.00 the Boro gave them? They should be shut down....

Anonymous said...

I think his name is John and he drives that little truck with the big lights

Cole said...

Thanks. Interesting info at 10:22 and 10:25 above. I didn't know about the insurance fraud or the $7000.

Anonymous said...

Winter is not a season, it is an occupation.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the updates and great pictures and videos. i'm housebound and cann't get out to see for myself, you made me feel like i was right there with you !!!! thanks. stay safe.

Anonymous said...

The rude gustopo is now in a play police uniform, a lazy hippie looking one has a chair, and one that had not washed his cloths in a week are there. This is a fine example of what our mater is swearing in. I hope our new chief of police does a backround on these folks and mandate training and uniform standards. I know that most of the officers do not live and pay taxes to the Boro.

Cole said...

To the commenter at 7:38: You're right. Winter's not one of my favorites either. Fall and spring are.

To 11:14 AM:
You are welcome. I'm truly sorry you're housebound. That has to be a drag. But I'm happy you appreciate my photographs and that they brought you some enjoyment. Hearing that helps make doing this work worthwhile. I wish you well.

To 4:21 PM: I've made some similar observations, and I agree with your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

To 4:21. The police department does not "swear in" hte fire police. The fire police are more related to the fire department than the police department.

Cole said...

Thanks for that info. I didn't know that.

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