Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Saw - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Police pulled over this driver (who was very upset) 
in Smith's Hotel parking lot, for an infraction.

Meanwhile, at River Park, this overseer 
kept an eye on things from the bridge. 
Maybe Columbia Borough has employed him 
to work in conjunction with the 
surveillance cameras. 

 If this graffiti is supposed to be a joke,
it is decidedly not funny.  I suppose
the surveillance camera recorded the 
perpetrator, since he or she would have
been right in the field of view of the 
one near Chiques Rock Outfitters.

What the . . . ?
There's another one - a business paying cash for 
gold and silver.  This building is on 462, 
right across from Columbia Park.
Whoever is behind this might actually have the right idea,
i.e., stockpiling precious metals in preparation 
for the coming economic collapse, when paper money 
will become worthless.


Anonymous said...

excellent reporting! the video shoul be viewed and the perpetrator should be tared and feathered (at the very least).
i see you understand about the economic collapse (that's already underway)....yes, paper money will be worthless. i hope people are prepared. thanks

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new "business" is a cover for monkey business. It's hard to believe that many people in Columbia will be selling their stock-piles of gold!

Cole said...

I wonder about these businesses, too.

Anonymous said...

i agree too. wow, what a cover.

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