Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Saw - Thursday, September 8, 2011

All access routes to the river were blocked. 

Lots of folks walked onto the bridge 
to check out the situation.

 This time I agree: 
Stay out of the park.

 The water kept creeping up insidiously.

 Higher and higher

 People kept coming but were denied entrance.

 A Fox 43 cameraman looked for an angle.

 Break's over.  Time to get back to work before 
Mr. Nikolaus sees you.

 Even this sign couldn't stop the river's advance.

 These guys talked about it but couldn't stop 
the water either.

 Three feet to Agnes.
(I leaned way out to get this shot.  
I'm nothing if not dedicated.)

 It's too thick to navigate, 
and it's too thin to plow.

 And they just kept coming. 

 The canoe guy watched the river and finally 
decided to move his boats out of the park.

 But what's this?  A porta-potty in distress!

 Never fear - a courageous rescuer is at hand.

 This guy is good.

 Sure, everyone wants to watch, but no one 
wants to do the heavy lifting.  What about that 
fire cop there? Yesterday, he was all up-in-your-face, 
taking charge of everything, but now he can't 
muster the strength to lift a finger.

 Now the real work begins.  This guy deserves 
a raise or a bonus or a medal.  

Anyway, the cones are still where I placed 
them yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Good job Cole, nice pictures of a serious situation. Stay safe out there keeping us informed.

Cole said...


Anonymous said...

great pictures. i agree, keep - how about the water co ????? it's flooded AGAIN this year. This time we even have a BOIL WATER advisory and what...the DONALD is building a NEW PLANT BACK IN THE FLOOD PLAIN !!!!! wow, you guys at planning - lancaster and columbia and zoning did NOT do your investigation....makes NO sense.

Cole said...

Thanks. Yes, it got flooded out once again, thus proving it's definitely a WATER company. OK, that's a cheap shot, but I do wonder if anything can be done about the flooding problems. Building on a flood plain surely will not help matters.

I don't recall having a boil water advisory in Columbia before this. Not to be a snob, but I've resorted to bottled water exclusively. I don't trust the water here even when they say it's safe. Too much runoff upstream and too many companies dumping who knows what.

I like your nickname for Donald Nikolaus. Hmmmm.... where have I heard it before?

Anonymous said...

welcome. it's been a long time for a boil water advisory, but it makes me wonder. the water co floods at least a couple times a year for the past couple of years....the climate, the weather, the ozone is ALL changing, and i;m afraid NOT for the better.

Cole said...

You're right. I hope planners are paying attention and are taking these factors into consideration for future projects.

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