Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I Saw - September 2, 2011

 Finally - a Cole Umber sighting . . . ?

 Someone (not I) posted an editorial comment 
on this signpost.

 New trash receptacles have arrived at 
River Park . . .  

 . . . and they are much needed. 

 John Waters lives here. 

Work continues at the former Masonic Temple 
on the 300 block of Locust.

 At least a month early. 
But ok, I like Halloween.

  A first attempt at shooting Margo as a school teacher 
in the window of the Hub. 

 DO NOT mess with this gal. 
You've been warned.

In one of the Burning Bridge show windows:
More shameful characterizations from America's 
racist past . . . 

 Many of these covers are missing from 
the light posts around town. 
I hope no one gets zapped.

 Apostrophe abuse! 
I'll forgive the lack of punctuation 
between "PARKING and "BORO" 
and even the shortened spelling of 
"borough," but I will not forgive using 
an apostrophe where one isn't needed. 
We are entering an age of forced austerity
and must use our apostrophes sparingly.

 Completion of this paint job is way overdue, 
unless someone is trying to be the new 
Willem de Kooning. 
(Presbyterian Church on 4th and Locust)

 An empty cigarette pack in the door of 
the night deposit box
and a handful of roofing nails on the corner of the sill.
(Former M & T Bank building at 4th and Locust)

 The window frame on the right is way too 
loose and is ready to fall (inward, I hope). 
(Avenue H below 2nd Street)

 Hello, what's wrong with this picture? 
A second-story door with no steps outside it, 
not to mention wires running across it 
from above an adjacent window frame and 
ending in a tangle under the door sill. 
Mr. Helm, are you seeing this?
(Seen from Avenue H below 2nd Street)

Birds hatching a plot


Anonymous said...

One would think that those persons making public signs might just have some type of training in the use of punctuation and English. It goes to show that this country's standards and expectations have fallen right along with the pants that the guys are wearing now!

Anonymous said...

That light post looks like an elephant's foot (and yes, that apostrophe is used correctly).

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