Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter to the Editor

There was a letter to the editor at LancasterOnline today that relates to the ongoing camera controversy.  
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Anonymous said...

i still say "NO"

Anonymous said...

i agree. last time i checked it was a FREE COUNTRY...thanks to our veterans. amen.

Anonymous said...

It's about as free as you feel on a Saturday night walking around a dark alley...thanks to those that choose to use...drugs, alcohol,and firearms. Yes we should be able to walk anywhere at anytime...because we are free ...or are we really?

Cole said...

I grew up in Columbia. Until about 10 or 15 years ago, I wasn't afraid to walk any street or alley at any time, day or night. Now, I avoid certain areas of town after dark. Maybe I'm just getting older and more afraid, or maybe (probably) the town IS getting worse (Or both).

Anonymous said...

and the first thing to do to bring this town around is TO GET RID OF AT LEAST HALF OF ALL RENTAL PROPERTIES........if YOU lived beside some of these problem properties, you'd be fired up too. it's ridiculous and totally unacceptable what this boro has become. and we left it.

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