Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Wrap-up

Friday, August 12

Geisha at the Hub

Thursday, August 18

The pics aren't very high quality,
because my point & shoot was the only
camera I had with me at the time.  Also, I had to
keep my distance so I wouldn't frighten the subject.

Wednesday, August 24 

A moonflower in the daytime

Cicada shell.
They're everywhere.

Thursday, August 25

As I said, they're everywhere. 

No, really.

Friday, August 26

These trees were planted at River Park during the 
Arbor Day celebration on Friday, March 29, 
but they don't appear to have been maintained. 

Saturday, August 27

People were getting their boats out at
River Park, in anticipation of Irene.

Borough workers even took out the docks
and put them in storage under the bridge.

They took the dock railings to the borough
maintenance garage.

The workers had secured the park's trash

Sunday, August 28

Someone should have secured the trash 
hoppers at Columbia High School. 

Despite the high winds and strong current,
this intrepid soul went for a swim.

I wonder if this abandoned boat was his. 

There was debris at Columbia Park,
but not as much as one might have expected.

This bird seemed unfazed by the weather.

Along the way, I saw this car.  I'm told that
when the paint gets to this point, it's called
"redneck camo."

Amen to that

Monday, August 29

The police nailed this guy on Union Street
on Monday afternoon.


Fourth Fridays said...

Great photos. Thank you for the shot of "Margo" at The Hub. She has changed her look again for September :)

Cole said...

Thanks! I tried to shoot Margo on Friday, but there was a lot of glare on the window. I included the pic on my September 2 post anyway.

Fourth Fridays said...

It's a challenge with the glare. Best shot is without a flash at night once the display lights come on with the timer.

Cole said...

Good idea. I've been thinking of doing some night shots.

Anonymous said...

whats up with manor police citing someone on union st ?????????

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