Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Wrap-up

Friday, August 12

Geisha at the Hub

Thursday, August 18

The pics aren't very high quality,
because my point & shoot was the only
camera I had with me at the time.  Also, I had to
keep my distance so I wouldn't frighten the subject.

Wednesday, August 24 

A moonflower in the daytime

Cicada shell.
They're everywhere.

Thursday, August 25

As I said, they're everywhere. 

No, really.

Friday, August 26

These trees were planted at River Park during the 
Arbor Day celebration on Friday, March 29, 
but they don't appear to have been maintained. 

Saturday, August 27

People were getting their boats out at
River Park, in anticipation of Irene.

Borough workers even took out the docks
and put them in storage under the bridge.

They took the dock railings to the borough
maintenance garage.

The workers had secured the park's trash

Sunday, August 28

Someone should have secured the trash 
hoppers at Columbia High School. 

Despite the high winds and strong current,
this intrepid soul went for a swim.

I wonder if this abandoned boat was his. 

There was debris at Columbia Park,
but not as much as one might have expected.

This bird seemed unfazed by the weather.

Along the way, I saw this car.  I'm told that
when the paint gets to this point, it's called
"redneck camo."

Amen to that

Monday, August 29

The police nailed this guy on Union Street
on Monday afternoon.

What I Saw - August 30, 2011

A man fell off his bicycle on Plane Street.  Fortunately, a good Samaritan stopped and got him back on his feet  - and his bike.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where are the falcons?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I haven't heard 
anything about the fate of the falcon chicks that 
were nesting under the Veterans' Memorial Bridge recently.  

Channel 21 zooms in on Columbia's camera controversy

Channel 21 News has picked up on Columbia 
Borough's ongoing camera controversy.
Go HERE for the info.   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Columbia resident calls church actions "unacceptable"

At the last Columbia Borough Council meeting, Columbia Borough resident Flora Eshelman faulted the Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church for various offenses.  Lancaster Newspapers just ran the story HERE - a week and a half late.  The information appeared on this blog in a comment posted August 12, about a week ago.
(To Lancaster Newspapers:  In the newspaper biz, that's what is called being "scooped.")

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Council Cartoon - Take 3

(Drawing by Cole Umber.  All rights reserved.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Council Cartoon - Take 2

(Drawing by Cole Umber. All rights reserved.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Police seek dangerous suspect north of Columbia

So that's why I kept seeing that helicopter flying around.  I was beginning to feel like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas.
Click HERE for more info.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter to the Editor

There was a letter to the editor at LancasterOnline today that relates to the ongoing camera controversy.  
Click HERE.

Some Thoughts

The actions of the Columbia Borough Council at last Monday's meeting generated several comments, including my own.  The comments appear under the Fat Cat post dated Sunday, August 7, 2011.  Teresa Bono's article on the meeting appeared HERE at

Some readers of this blog wondered about the meaning of the Fat Cat drawing. It is simply my representation of the council and some of its policies.  It does not represent Mayor Lutz, as some have thought.

The antics at the recent meeting inspired me to draw the following satirical cartoon.

(Drawing by Cole Umber.  All rights reserved.) 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Borough Council Meeting - Monday, August 8

The Columbia Borough Council will meet tomorrow, 
Monday, August 8th, at 7 p.m. at 
the Borough Office at 308 Locust Street. 

Those attending might even notice this guy 
(or at least his policies).

(Drawing by Cole Umber - All rights reserved.)

Is It Fair?

It appears that Texas Governor Rick Perry is that worst sort of politician - a demagogue in evangelical robes. A hooded theocrat performing under the spotlight of democracy. Of course, his recent prayer rally drew tens of thousands of supporters, all of whom would vote for him simply because he gives lip service to God. Followers yearning for a restrictive religious government simply because they can't handle or don't appreciate the freedoms granted to them by the United States Constitution.

A potential Republican candidate for president, Perry used the authority of his office to plan and promote this rally. This is the same man who considers himself sworn to the Constitution (except when it's politically advantageous for him to ignore that pesky little clause about separation of church and state). His solution for our troubled nation? Not new ideas or policy initiatives, but prayer, as if appealing to the supernatural will somehow magically cure our ills. If the U.S. is ever again under attack, I want a president who will take charge, not someone who'll crumble to his knees and cry “Oh God, now what do I do?” Besides, didn't we just have a president who was a former Texas governor? And look where that got us.

Perry even invited religious entrepreneur John Hagee, self-proclaimed leader of the Cornerstone Church, who has gone on record condemning gays, Jews and others he considers sinful. Perry's invitation can, without much effort, be seen as an endorsement of such views.

Anyone wishing to live in a theocratic state should visit Iran for a while and then report back on the amount of freedom they enjoy when religion and government climb into bed together.

So much for the tirade.

On a much, much smaller scale, here in Columbia, the River Park kayak ramp and boat ramp will once again be closed for what I assume is an annual baptism ceremony. That is, public property will be handed over temporarily for private religious ceremonies, inconveniencing those who routinely use the ramps, and calling into question the advisability of such a decision. I'm not knocking any particular religion, but I am asking, thoughtfully and sincerely, “Is it right?” and “Is it fair?”

(Photopainting by Cole Umber - All rights reserved)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Saw - August 6, 2011

The Google car was in town this morning, 
shooting street views.

I wonder if it got a shot of this overflowing 
trash at 4th and Locust, along with the broken 
glass beside the barrel. 
(Barry pointed out a similar problem HERE.

Not to worry - the crime was captured on the 
surveillance cam directly above the barrel.
The crime will be solved in no time.  
(That's sarcasm, y'all.) 

Last but not least, this trailer temporarily blocked 
traffic from five - count 'em, five - different 
directions at 10th and Barber. 
(Yes, I know no traffic should be coming from 
the right since this section of Barber is one-way, 
but no one obeys that law.) 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

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