Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

A heron keeping watch

Trash along the shore at River Park

 A damsel, apparently not in distress

 This pile of trash (also at River Park)
included powdered foods, cough drops, antacid tablets,
empty drug vials, disposable razors, and reading glasses.
There were also large drops of coagulated blood nearby,
as well as godonlyknows 
what other kinds of bodily fluids.
The Columbia Borough Police 
cleaned up the mess. 

 Further down the river on one of the small islands across 
from the Blue Rock Road boat launch area stood this 
duck blind, which helps hunters blow away unsuspecting 
water fowl. 

 But strangely enough, this sign was attached to it, 
which stressed the area's importance to bird conservation.  

 This notification of the duck blind was posted 
a few hundred feet from shore - 
no lights, no reflectors.  
I don't know how boaters traveling at night 
avoid hitting it.  

Almost sunset

Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

I believe the "duck blind" is actually a blind constructed by members of the Audubon society for bird watching, that island is a nesting sight for several types of shore birds. Some nest are marked with sattelite tracking equipment

Cole said...

Thanks for the correction and clarification on this. It all makes sense now. I didn't know about the tracking equipment. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this, I contacted the Audubon Society to clear up the controversy. It sure looks alot like the many "duck blinds" constructed throughout the island area. And a sign in the middle of the river? Who do these people think they are and exactly what are they advertising? Are they renting out "their" duck blind?

Cole said...

I'm interested in hearing the Audubon Society's response.

Anonymous said...

The sign that has the names on, is the people that will more then likely be building a duck hunting blind there for the year. It's common practice to "claim" your spot. Now it is public property so it truly does not mean much, but the majority of the people that hunt the blinds respect each others spot. Duck hunting has a long history on the susquehanna. I was at a recent auction of a local carver and two decoys carved in Columbia went for fairly high prices (compaired to what others at this auction where going for) and where in rough shape. They are not big carvers known outside the area either.
Sometimes by the blind in picture there will be handcarved shorebird decoys left by the carvers.

Cole said...

Interesting info. Thanks for commenting. I learned a few things.

Anonymous said...

It may well be common practice, but is it legal? Perhaps I'll "claim" a spot and build a structure to observe what kind of people kill ducks.

Cole said...

I don't know about the legality of any of this. You might be able to build a blind to observe the hunters. Dunno.

Anonymous said...

You could build a blind to observe the hunters if yo so choose. I do not build a blind to hunt from. I do know that disrupting hunters is illegal. I would assume that if Safe Harbor did not want the blind erected they would have put a stop to this. I know they stopped people from camping on Shad Island the other year. Some people did not understand that they need to take out what they brought in. I know some duck hunters that spent a good amount of time cleaning trash up from the river as well.

Anonymous said...

This is old but still interesting.

Lancaster County Bird Club link.

(Same poster as the 1st, 5th, and 9th comment.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying to explain this.

Cole said...

Thanks for this info. I'll check out the links.

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