Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I Saw - May 22, 2011

At River Park this morning, what looked like an 
unattended Scrabble game . . . 

 turned out to be an artistic creation.  

 Each chair had angular pieces cut out. 

 The tiles on the board spelled various Spanish words.  
Assuming the blank tile is an "M": 
microondas = microwave,
mantequilla = butter; 

palomitas [de] maiz = popcorn 
juego = game.

Everything on the table was glued down. 

Even each piece of popcorn.  

The table was cut basically in half. 

The letters in the trays might be anagrams, 
but I haven't had time to decipher the messages, 
if there are any.  One of the trays contained the letters "awteorf'" 
which might be rearranged as "of water."  (Or maybe 
I'm reading too much into all of this.) 

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