Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Saw (April 3, 2011)

Click on the pics. 

 Hambones responds.

 River Park 
There are lots of fish in the river, 
but some folks still bring their own.

 This is how it's done.

 Watching the watcher 
(3rd & Locust)

 Very cool, as in COLD. 
When I took this pic, the temp was 44, 
with a wind chill of 38. 

(200 block of Locust)

 Them's good rules.

(200 block of Locust)

(3rd & Locust)

 Hotel Locust

(400 block of Locust)


 Impromptu car show at River Park 
I think they're all Mustangs. 

 A walk on the tracks 
I used to do it, too. 

 Laundry day 
Yeah, I hate it, too.

I know how you feel. 
Blogging can be hard work, 
and I'm done for the day. 


Anonymous said...

I hope you know it is illegal to take pictures of someone while they are in their house, or on priate property. such as the photo labeled"Watching the watcher (third 3rd and locust)"

Anonymous said...

is it illegal to take pictures of minors and post online without parental permission?

Cole said...

It's not illegal for me to snap a photo of someone at his or her window if they are in plain view from a public street, as was the case with "Watching the Watcher."

It's also not illegal to take photos of children, if they are in public.

Cole said...

In reference to being "creepy": That is not my intent. The law says I can take pictures of people without their permission if they are in public - or, in general, if they can be seen while I'm standing in a public place. Of course, no one is permitted to go right up to someone's window and peer into the interior of his or her home. That would be an invasion of privacy. What I do is more along the lines of street photography. I shoot what I see around me. I really am sorry if people are afraid of me. Truly, I am. I don't want to scare people. It's not my intention to harm anyone in any way.

Anonymous said...

"Street photograpy" is a form of art. Apparently some of the people living in Columbia do not understand art and therefore are frightened by it "creeping" into the borough.

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