Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I Saw (April 2, 2011)

Click on the pics.

 Damage - 900 block of Barber Street 
Apparently, a driver jumped the curb last night. 

 Abandoned shopping cart 
(11th and Manor) 

 Don't forget - It's in CO UMBIA BORO, 
not here in Columbia Borough. 

(200 block of Walnut) 

 Clean the freakin' downspout. 
(Under Veterans' Memorial Bridge, 
or as Google Maps puts it: 
"Veterans Memorial Branch") 

(First block of Locust) 
The step says 1890. 

 Window washing 
(Haitian Maranatha Church on Locust) 

 Pit bull attack! 
(Tacos Ta Go) 
He lunged at me in a Sean Penn-like manner 
when I took his pic. 

 Dude forgot to change out of his 
pajama bottoms when he got up 
this morning. 

 Yes, forgive us. 

 So that's where Bruce Banner lives. 
(Alley next to CVS)


 Another ghost sign - 


 Truck containing the passenger side redneck who yelled at me as 
he went past (Avenue H between 2nd and 3rd). 
Bad move, dude - Now I have your buddy's 
license number. Don't mess with a guy 
with a camera. 

 Free sofa

 Either it's a shutoff or a wheel 
to turn this town in the right direction.

 Mr. Nikolaus, tear down this wall! 
Or at least repair it, for god's sake.  
You can easily afford it with all the profits made 
on the backs of Columbia citizens. 
There must be an ordinance that covers 
this sort of thing. 

 Missing leg 
Maybe he can use the one from 

 I finally found Jesus. 
He was right there in the hedges 
the whole time. 
(Laurel Hill Cemetery)

Kickin' it old school!
(Manor Street School)

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