Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump Demands Obama's Earth Certificate

This just in:

Donald Trump acknowledges the authenticity of President Obama's newly released birth certificate, but says it's not enough.  Trump said if Obama cannot produce an "Earth Certificate" to prove he was born on this planet, then he is most likely an illegal alien from Mars.

"It's well known in some circles that Martians have been infiltrating our government for decades," Trump said.  "I challenge him to produce an Earth Certificate, like the one I have stuffed under my hair.  Anyone can tell a name like "Barack Obama" is not of this earth.  There are rumors he was born on one of the moons of Mars, or 'Barsoom,' as they call it up there."

Trump's press conference ended abruptly as he was escorted away by several men wearing white lab coats who were seen  administering medication to the billionaire.

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