Sunday, April 10, 2011

Columbia Bowl Fire - Aftermath

By late morning, fire crews pretty much had things wrapped up. 

 Water was still being applied to calm any remaining hot spots. 

 Sadly, this is all that remains of a long-standing Columbia landmark. 
It was a mecca for folks from miles around looking to pass the time 
with some good, clean fun. 
I hope the owners plan to rebuild. 
In the meantime, the Columbia Bowling Alley will be 
sorely missed by many. 

 PPL double-checked the power lines. 

 These guys took a well-deserved and much-needed break. 

 Much debris remains to be cleared. 

 Rheems puts away their portable water reservoir. 
(I don't know what it's actually called.) 

 Speaking of water . . . 

 The clean-up begins. 

 Job well done. 

 Poor, sleepy-eyed News 21 cameraman finally showed at 
about 10:45 a.m. 
We Columbians were here right after 5 this morning. 
We rise before the sun. 
We are a hardy breed. 

 Bowling balls melted and burned.  I overheard a fireman 
say they had to pry open lockers to get the bowling balls out, 
because they were catching fire. 

 Broken, cracked, and melted glass. 

 It was a long, tiring morning for some. 
Our fire crews work hard. 

 The former entrance. 

 Amazingly, the bungee cords holding the Budweiser sign 
didn't burn or break. 

 A camera operator getting some shots. 
I think she was from a local Fox affiliate. 
(No, really!) 

On a lighter note . . . 
Gotta get me one o' them day-glo suits!
(We have to find a little levity in this tragedy.)

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