Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Wrap-up - Part 3: Signs

 And today's sermon is . . .
Invisible evil?  Disappearing morals? 

 At some point, it really doesn't matter any more. 

 Blood-red background to symbolize the vampires 
who are bleeding us dry.  

 The business that went up in smoke. 
(Address of the pot-growing operation 
recently busted by police)

 How long does it take? 
(Butcher's tattoo parlor at 5th & Locust)

 Hub hubbub

 The keyword is "down."

 Lazy K Lou: 
He's a regular, so once in a while 
he gets his name on the marquee. 



 Planning for the future. 


The missing letter is back.  
Must have been one "L" of a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the April "round" looks great as always. Love reading the captions.

Cole said...


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