Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I Saw (March 5, 2011)

That was quick. Progress at 831 Lancaster Avenue.

Bus stop  (4th & Locust)
(See comments on this pic at the bottom of this post.)

Door (Morning Dove on Locust Street)

The ghost of Ray Charles

Turkey vultures

Three more

Tundra swans
(They're probably headed for Middle Creek.)


Anonymous said...

There is NO bus stop at 4th and Locust

Cole said...

I stand corrected. (Actually, I'm sitting.) Seriously, though, you are correct. I should have called this post "Hangin' Out," since it looks as if that's what they were doing. They weren't waiting for a bus; they were just waiting.

Anonymous said...

They are the bums waiting for the shelter to open instead of looking for a job.

Cole said...

Personally, I wouldn't characterize them that way without knowing their particular circumstances. We don't know what chain of events brought them here.

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