Monday, March 28, 2011

Two-Alarm Fire on Plane Street

There was a two-alarm fire on the 600 block of Plane Street. 
The fire spread from one residence to two adjoining 
properties.  According to the LCWC website, the call 
was received at 18:56:00.
(Click on the pics.)


Anonymous said...

you know some of the pics on here can be found offensive like the ones of the plane street fire. i wouldn't be saying this except that the house it started in is a close friend of mine and I'm sure she isn't too happy about it being put out on the internet with out her permission

Anonymous said...

I agree. She's my friend too and I really dont think you can put all the pictures you do up on a blog like this. It's really weird and people arent giving you consent. If I'm right, that's, you know-- kind of.. ILLEGAL. So, you should really think of what you're taking a photo of before you go creeping around our town. I know like half of these people you creepishly posted of.

Anonymous said...

The fire photos could have appeared in any paper. There is nothing "offensive" about them. They are excellent shots and show the loyal duty of our volunteer firemen. If someone had died in the fire and a photo of a corpse was published, then yes, that would be offensive. Please choose appropriate words..."offensive" is not appropriate in this situation.

Cole said...

I am truly sorry for your friend's loss. Going through something like that must be very difficult. However, I am legally permitted to photograph the house. My intent was to show the tragedy of the fire and the bravery of the firemen. And really I don't creep. I walk upright and out in the open like most able-bodied people. It's my town, too. I was born here and grew up here. I have a right to present my view of it.

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