Sunday, March 20, 2011

School Salaries - Lancaster County

The website contains a wealth of government records, databases, documents, charts, etc.

Lancaster County school salaries for the 2008-09 school year can also be found on the site.   (Click here  to download the spreadsheet.)

Dr. Brenda Becker, Hempfield School District superintendent, is apparently the highest paid school administrator in the county, at $165,000 a year for 2008-09.  Assuming a raise of 3.6% for each of the two succeeding school years, her current salary would be in the neighborhood of $177,094 a year.  By comparison, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's salary is only slightly more, at about $177,900.  He is donating this year's $3,000 cost-of-living raise to charity.  This means the actual salary he is accepting currently stands at $174,914, according to this news article.

The salary of Columbia Borough School District Superintendent Barry Clippinger is listed as $108,160 for 08-09.  Using the above-stated calculations, his current salary would be about $116,088.

These extrapolated figures are merely educated guesses, based on the fact that teachers generally receive annual raises of 3.5-3.7%.  Administrator raises (especially those for superintendents) may vary somewhat.


Anonymous said...

Clippenger's salary will be more than your current estimated salary for him after July 2011.

Cole said...

Interesting. Any idea how much more? It's incredibly difficult to get salary information on school district administrators, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. We, the taxpaying public, pay their salaries and therefore have a right to know where our taxes are going.
Just a note: I was told today that Hempfield Superintendent Brenda Becker's salary was recently announced on a WGAL report as being $176,000+. I estimated slightly more than $177,000, so I was very close. Even though I'm not a Hempfield taxpayer, the figure is interesting as a point of comparison.
If I'm correct, Clippinger's salary after July 1, 2011 should be somewhere around $120,267.

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