Sunday, March 13, 2011

River Flooding (March 11-13, 2011)

On Friday, March 11, the Susquehanna began to flood, due to the recent heavy rains. 
On Friday afternoon, things looked like this . . . 

The river level was at 235, six feet below Agnes.

The water began climbing up the bridge trestles.

The water was at the top of the boat ramp.

The river encroached on the park.

And water lapped at the steps.

On Saturday morning, the water had subsided slightly from its 
 highest level the day before.

The river backed off, leaving a line of debris,
but soon began rising again.

The water was soon high enough to cover
part of the sidewalk near the bridge.

The Borough blocked vehicle traffic to the park.

A dock that had floated away upstream got lodged here,
near the submerged boat ramp.

Another view of the snagged dock.

Later in the day, it ended up here. 
Some intrepid souls pulled it out with a pickup truck.

Like many others, this guy watched the rising waters.

He had to wait for the train to pass,
before leaving the park.

A small section of sidewalk still held its own against the flood.

This gull didn't seem to mind any of it.

You could launch a boat straight out -
horizontally - from the parking lot.

The Columbia Water Company grounds were flooded.
Well, it is a WATER company, after all.

Here's where the sidewalk ended.

Water kept rising right next to the Columbia Water Company.

Then, things got REALLY bad,
and the river came right up and said hello.

This dog liked it.

This sidewalk was half covered.

This is what it looked like from a height.

Another view from a height.

The park was flooded.

As I said . . . it was flooded.

Even this seagull seemed alarmed
and sought a higher place.

The parking lot was flooded.

This kid rode a . . . water scooter?

This is the highest point the water reached - 
236, five feet below Agnes.

And through it all, 
no one thought to switch off the electricity 
to the lamp posts, many of which
were partially underwater. 
(You know - water and electricity don't mix.)

On Sunday morning, the water had receded a bit, 
leaving this trail of debris to show the high water mark.

This is as high as it got.

Despite being partially submerged, 
one lamp was still burning on Sunday morning.

This video is from Saturday, March 12:

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