Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Saw (March 7, 2011): Birds, Bridges, Barbara Barr

Click on each pic for larger view.

One of two redtails flying over Smith's Hotel parking lot. 
Maybe they were looking for a cheese steak.

Enough with the goose already. 
This is probably the last pic of him I'm going to post, 
unless I catch him doing something utterly amazing 
and un-gooselike.

232 today.

Watch that first step.

If you can't go to the river, the river will come to you.

My sentiments exactly.

News 8's Barbara Barr yukking it up in Holy Trinity parking lot 
after her evening fastnacht report.

Hey, isn't that Rita Meter Maid yakking and blocking
the freakin' road?

Rebuilding on 2nd Street, where fire took several properties last year.
(See comments below.)


Anonymous said...

check the recordds, believe fire was in 2008

Cole said...

Thanks. That sounds right. In the fall, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Is it legal to take people's pictures without the knowing like your Rita the Meter Maid? Just asking -- Rita's brother Dairy Queen

Cole said...

Actually, it is legal to do so in a public place, because there is no expectation of privacy in public. It's even legal on private property if that property is open to the public.

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