Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Desperate Plan - Columbia, PA

More on the 1863 bridge burning HERE.

National Watch & Clock Museum

An interesting article on an architectural feature of the National Watch and Clock Museum. Click HERE.

Clarification - River Park Parking Situation

I just received the following anonymous comment that may shed some light on the River Park parking situation.

Cole, It is my understanding that this particular area is for overflow parking. That is why there is a light so far back from the sidewalk, why the signs are positioned there and why there is no curbing there. There is a metal grid installed under the grass to support vehicles. I would guess that either there were no available spaces when these folks arrived or they planned on being there for an extended period and parked there out of courtesy to others. Just guessin' 

I appreciate this clarification.  I wasn't aware of any of this information previously.
(The original article is HERE.)

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